Work method valuations

TenBa Work method valuations


Prior to the valuation work, you always have contact with the valuer. You always receive a clear quotations or order confirmations in advance. The valuation rates are based on actual time spent or a fixed price. TenBa does not work with percentages to give you the assurance that the height of the valuation does not influence the invoice amount.

Company visit

The TenBa valuer always visits your company. During this visit the valuer will ask for 15 to 30 minutes of your time to explain the valuation work. They also take notes depending on the type of valuation. Think of asset statements, vehicle registration certificates of company vehicles or architectural drawings.

Next, the valuer will ask for a short tour through your company to get an impression of the spaces, including any basements, attics, garages and external storage spaces. After the tour, the valuer will record everything themselves. Your input is then no longer required. The valuer will tell you when they are ready.

Valuation report

After the company visit, the valuer works out the valuation at their offices. Within two weeks you will receive the valuation report on paper and, on request, also digitally. This time is needed to verify information and for consultation with colleague valuers. The valuation is always checked internally by a second valuer.

In the valuation report, all valued items are specified. In the report the valuation basis and the definition thereof are also clearly stated. Depending on the valuation, the report has appendices.


In principle, the work is completed when the report is sent. If it concerns a valuation for insurance purposes, then the valuer will, within three years, give you timely reminder you that a revaluation is required. You don’t have to keep an eye on this yourself.

Working times

All valuations are conducted on week days during office hours. For confidential valuations, the valuer will always be discrete. If you specifically want the valuation to be made in the evening or during the weekend, then this is possible against a surcharge.

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