Why a Certified Register Valuer?

TenBa Why a Certified Register Valuer

Since the year 2000, things have not been easy for those looking for a skilled valuer. As in the context of the deregulation of the businesses desired by the government, the title protection of the certified valuer, real estate agent and auctioneer disappeared.

Previously, the vocational exam preceded a (valuers) certification by the court or the Chamber of Commerce. For more than half a century no one could be a valuer without proper investigation into their expertise, track record or integrity.

Now everyone, including bakery machine suppliers or economic consultants, can call themselves valuers. The consequence is that persons without a track record or valuation knowledge and who are not acknowledged or don’t have any professional knowledge can call themselves valuers. This often comes with unpleasant fiscal or business economical consequences.

In response to the disappearance of the legal requirements for the professions of real estate agent, valuer and auctioneer, in 1996 the ‘Federation of Valuers, Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers’ created recognition schemes, which is connected to a register for valuers.

A Register Valuer included in the Register of the Federation TMV offers you the certainty that his or her expertise has been demonstrated in a tough professional exam. These valuers have to demonstrably keep their knowledge up to date and are certified periodically. On that basis they are included in the Register of Register Valuers.

So you can confidently leave the valuation of chattels for bakery machines to a Register Valuer of Bakery inventories. Then you know for sure that you are working with a skilled, independent and specialist valuer!

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