Plan realisation

TenBa Plan realisation

Investment in bakery technology or construction

You want your bakery renovated, whether the building or just with new machines or production lines. A production line has relocated to another production location, or a line has to be adapted. TenBa has expert knowledge of bakery technology, the construction industry, bakery finishing and of the technical facilities. Therefore, TenBa is an ideal partner for the coordination and realisation of your investment projects.


TenBa unburdens you during the construction preparation and realisation. Your partners for the construction, bakery technology and technical facilities are selected with you through quotations and construction team agreements. TenBa informs you about your bakery layout, legislation, standards, requirements and wishes as well as what your partners have to offer and deliver. The quotations are compared for you so you can make an informed choice using your own price/quality ratio. TenBa advises you in this too. TenBa maintains the planning and ensures work meeting reports. All parties are informed and the mutual communication proceeds in a structured way. So TenBa prepares everything and advises you, but you are the one that ultimately makes the decisions. Up to the delivery of all disciplines, TenBa is a key figure in the realisation of the project. TenBa is your partner in the construction of your new bakery, where efficiency in the production process and a solid level of finishing of the bakery are paramount.

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