Installation advice

TenBa Installation advice

Technical facilities

The technical facilities require a lot of attention within the complete renovation or construction process. But attention must also be given when adding new technologies to your bakery. Think of electrical systems, gas, water, compressed air lines, heating systems, steam systems, fire alarms and access registration systems.

Installation advice

TenBa selects the best installers for this work with you. Or, TenBa can advise your own installer about the standards and the level of finishing for the bakery.

TenBa ensures the preparatory documents and all principles required for the installers to make the quotations. To this effect, we use your bakery drawings and prepare several documents that include all information about the bakery technology, the legal requirements and the level of finishing of the bakery. This way the installers desired by you can create the right bakery system. TenBa guides you through this entire process. Before the installer starts, the engineering drawings are checked and compared with the bakery technology. During construction, the installers are monitored and we answer their questions. Naturally, we also deliver the work for you.

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