Government obligations

TenBa Government obligations

Does the bakery have to meet them all?

The construction preparation is a separate process that is often underestimated. For the permit application, bakers regularly have to conduct additional investigations. Think of sound research, soil investigations and fire load calculations. In its role as a consultant, TenBa can coordinate these investigations for you in your project and request quotations. The agencies that conduct the investigations are provided with the drawings available to TenBa and your company details, but also find an expert interlocutor in TenBa.

Decision on activities

Before you want to use your new or renovated bakery, you have to illustrate to the government that you are going to establish and commission a bakery. This message in the context of the Activities Decree has to be submitted through an internet module. Drawings have to be attached and several environment specific questions must be answered. TenBa arranges this message for you, provides the drawings and answers the questions truthfully, but always puts the interests of your bakery first.

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