Bakery Deliveries

TenBa Bakery Deliveries

Everyone is running away now that construction is ready!

The renovation or new construction of the bakery is virtually ready, or the production line is ready for testing. You want to start your new bakery. However, this is the moment to, along with the installer or contractor, make an initial round to assess whether they have delivered what has been agreed. From its knowledge and experience of the bakery technology and systems, TenBa arranges these deliveries.

Delivery points

The reports of the project are reviewed and any outstanding points are discussed. Contract variations are assessed and you are consulted on how to deal with them. The quality of the work is assessed on site and capacities are measured or checked. A report is prepared for all these issues and there are always open issues that still have to be fixed by the contractor or (bakery) technology supplier. Only once you have ticked off all outstanding issues on this list are the construction or machine installation delivered and the warranty period starts. TenBa supervises this difficult period of surveying and talks. If necessary, a second delivery period is also conducted. These talks are standard as a matter of course if TenBa manages the entire construction and outfitting of your bakery.

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