Bakery construction advice

TenBa Bakery construction advice

Who manages whom during the bakery renovation or construction?

The genuine renovation or construction of a bakery requires attention, planning and knowledge of materials and construction. Which materials are suitable for use in the bakery? Which details are suitable for the bakery and its systems and which are not? A lot of construction companies build according to their own concepts. However, a bakery requires its own approach. You have to deal with specific requirements from the Environmental Management Act, Food and Drugs Act and Health & Safety Act. The construction companies do not have this knowledge. It not only concerns building the outside; the inside will be the production area and this is essential for you. TenBa will assist you in the construction process with advice and details.

Building with the comfort of baking

TenBa ensures the preparatory documents and all principles required are available to select a contractor and to obtain quotations. We discuss the way the construction (order) will take place with you as your production often has to continue regardless. TenBa ensures the specific details for bakery technology, such as freezers etc, drawings are prepared with dimensions for drainage, sunken floor boards, roof openings etc. During the construction we check the architectural issues and details that are crucial for the bakery. TenBa guides you through the entire construction process. During construction the implementation is checked and we act as your consultant for questions from the builder.

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