Project realisation

Realising the ideal bakery together!

Your bakery is the heart of your company. Within your bakery and operational management, things are continuously adapted or changed. Whether adding ovens or building an entire bakery, TenBa is there to help you conduct all your investment projects smoothly.

Ideal bakery

Because no bakery is the same, each plan calls for a different approach. The TenBa consultants help you realise your plans. They advise and guide you and through our project management we can take a lot of work out of your hands. But if you only want feedback about your plans, this is also possible. We discuss the plans with you and advise you. We ensure that everything is well prepared for investment projects and that you can take the decisions at the right moments. You decide, not your suppliers or contractor. TenBa is flexible so we can determine together what help you need with your plans. Thanks to years of experience and our knowledge of the bakery industry, we know better than anyone the requirements a modern bakery has to meet. We apply this knowledge to everything we do for you.

Here you can find explanation of the various work that TenBa conducts in realising investment projects in the bakery and confectionery industry.

Together with you, the TenBa consultants can realise the ideal bakery!

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