Bakery design and optimisation

TenBa outfitting a bakery

Your first step to an optimal bakery

You produce goods in the same location over consecutive years. However, your clientele changes, you are looking for new sales channels and your product range is subject to change. The need for new or larger production areas arises because of growth, new technologies, or a changing market situation.

TenBa will gladly design and realise the optimal bakery and confectionery with you. If you are building a new bakery or renovating your current bakery, we are happy to assist you with our bakery specialist knowledge and years of experience in design and construction.

The construction process has several phases that can all be traced back to the first phase: the design phase of your redesign or new construction. It is during this phase of your building plans that the lay-out and outfitting of your new bakery is largely determined. But at this stage you still have the flexibility to adapt to all kind of things during the construction.

The TenBa consultant will gladly discuss your wishes and possibilities with you to establish the design of your new bakery. It is not just good logistics that play an important role, but the legal requirements the new bakery has to meet are also important. This design forms the basis for further development of the building plans. For you, the drawing and the budget indication for the realisation costs are an important first step to your optimal bakery.

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