Noise in the bakery

TenBa Noise in the bakery

Why do we move oven carts three times a night?

You feel that too much time is wasted moving trolleys and carts. The space is no longer used efficiently. Various activities take place in several places in the bakery and not in the space designed for it. The products are already outside ready for the carts because the processing space is used as a production area.

Nocturnal visit

TenBa recognises these types of signals better than anyone. The specialist consultants from Wageningen know the bakery industry through and through. Other work routines sneak into processes without you always being aware of it. Our strength is to identify and eliminate them. They are not errorsas such, but more incidental issues that are contained within normal planning in the long run. During the peak of your production process or during those times you experience the heaviest workload, TenBa can drop by to calmly and objectively assess what is going on. We note, we conclude and observe all processes. This can be sugaring pies in the wrong place to disorganised processing. Afterwards we will discuss the findings with you. Sometimes it’s confronting, but it’s always constructive. You benefit from this because TenBa understands that people work in a company and periodically shedding a little new light can produce miracles. Short, fast and concise. No dense, cluttered reports.

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