Company relocation

TenBa bakery company relocation

Where will my new bakery be located?

You want to relocate your company or are forced to relocate your company. When this happens you suddenly have to deal with a lot of things you don’t ordinarily face. What do you have to take into account? How big does the new bakery have to be? Am I going to build new or use existing premises? Which investments are involved when relocating my company?

TenBa knows the bakery industry like no other and, based on this knowledge and experience, can advise you at an early stage. TenBa gives insight into how big your bakery would have to be and estimates the investments. This way you can establish your financing need at an early stage and start looking for suitable company premises or a plot in a targeted way.

Also, in case of expropriation or a forced relocation and when it comes to compensation, you can be confronted with the question: what is required to relocate your company at an early stage? For your negotiating position it is important to properly substantiate this. As an independent expert, the TenBa consultant prepares a relocation report for you and can give you and possibly your expropriation consultant a stronger negotiating position with the counterparty.

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