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TenBa Bakery advice

A bakery is a combination of many technologies. In addition to your bakery technology, you have to deal with architectural issues, technical facilities, refrigeration and freezing equipment, air conditioning and the like. All these things together contribute to making your bakery into a success. As a matter of course your product is always paramount, but the conditions to optimally produce your products have to be present to make this happen.

Many a bakery entrepreneur regularly experiences problems that disrupt the production process or faces technical questions or ideas. This can vary from refrigerators/freezers, proofers or oven capacity becoming too small to insufficient capacity in a dough processing line or processing space due to new clients. The legal requirements, such as the Food and Drugs Act, the environment and Health & Safety Legislation can also pose problems for your bakery. In other cases issues may concern substantial renovations or even company relocation to a brand new building. At TenBa BV, Bakery advice, Valuation and Realisation from Wageningen you can find bakery specialists that are always happy to welcome you and provide tailor made advice.

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