Plan check

TenBa bakery plan check

Do my ideas comply with the rules?

You have your renovation or construction plan ready but are still doubtful as to whether there’s anything you’ve overlooked that would require costly adaptation at a later date. In your plan you also consider purchasing large appliances such as ovens or production lines. In this case, TenBa can help you to check your building plans. The consultant will gladly go through your building plans with you and, if required, advise you about any amendments.

Second opinion

TenBa assesses your plan objectively and tests it against logistics, legislation and the operation of your production process and technology. We also discuss the structural consequences with you, the installation technology, bakery finishing and any further stages. By having your plans checked you can rest easy in the certainty that you won’t be incurring any unnecessary costs in the future. We will gladly discuss your building plans with you at your location or at our offices.

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