Bakery valuation

TenBa Bakery valuation

One valuation agency for all your bakery valuations

There are numerous reasons why you need a valuation. Whether this is for insurance purposes, purchasing or selling, joining or exiting of partners, (re)financing or a change of legal entity. TenBa can and is allowed to evaluate all values for your company.

TenBa valuers are certified, skilled, independent and specialists in the bakery industry. This may seem obvious, but since the title protection and certification has been rescinded, it is not easy to identify whether you have a skilledvaluer. Our valuers are registered at the Federation TMV and are certified again every 5 years by Hobeon-SKO.

It’s good to know that you can trust that all our bakery valuers, as we are the only one in the Netherlands that have the specific knowledge you need!

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